string counter_url( type, subkey, action )


Return a counter URL for tracking reactions, recommendations, etc.



This sets the type of counter to return. Examples of what to pass to this include 'like', 'happy', 'sad', etc. This is combined with the group setting to make one of the choices exclusive amongst all options. Note that this option should not be passed if a form element is to be used since type should be passed as the exclusive options.


Optional. If not provided, the default is empty. This allows for multiple counter choices but require exclusivity amongst all of them. Note that the 'empty' subkey allows only one type for everything in the empty subkey. The 'reaction' feature should use 'reaction' for this choice.


Optional. One of: add or remove. Generating the remove URL is useful for allowing a user to remove a recommendation.


The counter URL for adding the desired counter.